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  • [PRESS] 셀리턴, 브랜드 모델로 배우 ‘이민호’ 발탁
  • Date 2020. 01. 10
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뷰티&헬스케어업체 셀리턴은 배우 이민호를 브랜드 모델로 발탁됐다고 10일 밝혔다.


셀리턴의 기존 브랜드 모델인 배우 강소라, 박서준과 신규 브랜드 모델 배우 이민호가 함께 호흡을 맞춰 등장하는 TV광고는 오는 20일부터 전파를 탈 예정이다. 이번 광고는 배우 이민호의 2020년 첫 광고다.


셀리턴은 “국내·외에서 LED(발광다이오드)마스크 브랜드 인지도를 높이고, 입지를 넓히기 위해 한류스타 배우 이민호를 브랜드 모델로 선정하게 됐다”고 설명했다.  


셀리턴에 따르면 이민호는 올 상반기 드라마 ‘더킹:영원의 군주’로 안방극장을 찾을 예정이다. 한국문화국제교류진흥원이 진행한 ‘2019 해외한류 실태조사’에서 한류지역에서 가장 선호하는 한국 배우로 꼽히기도 했다. 


셀리턴은 배우 이민호와 함께 한국·중국 등 아시아권뿐만 아니라 전세계 고객들에게 셀리턴의 브랜드 가치를 알릴 예정이다.

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Actor Lee Min Ho has been selected as a brand model for global beauty and healthcare company Cellreturn (CEO Kim Il Soo).


Cellreturn selected Hallyu star actor Lee Min Ho, who has a broad global fandom, as its brand model in order to increase brand awareness in overseas markets. Also Cellreturn wants to expand its presence as a brand that encompasses the people doing "grooming" to invest lavishly in nurturing themselves. 


Actor Lee Min Ho, who is scheduled to visit us on TV in the first half of this year with the drama "The King: The Eternal Monarch," has been loved by both domestic and foreign fans for his wide spectrum of performance. In addition, he is confirming his position as a global hallyu star by becoming the most preferred Korean actor in the "2019 Overseas Hallyu Survey" conducted by the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange. Along with actor Lee Min Ho, Cellreturn plans to inform it brand and products to global customers in Asia and around the world. 


The New TV commercial of Cellreturn featuring actor Lee Min Ho with Kang So-ra and Park Seo-joon will be on air from January 20. It is spotlighted that his ad is Lee Min Ho's first commercial in 2020. 


"The fresh and refined image of actor Lee Min Ho is in line with the premium image of Cellreturn," a source from Cellreteurn said. Also it has been told, "Please look forward to the 2020 Cellreturn which will be promoted by global hallyu star Lee Min Ho." 


Meanwhile, Cellreturn has studied only near-infrared rays and LED for many years, and is considered a leading LED mask company with strong techniques and high completion quality. Cellreturn conducts R&D, planning, manufacturing, and A/S on its own. It is the only company that has LED analysis equipment in Korea to measure efficiency of LED wavelengths, module packages, and penetration rate of product materials. On the base of those skills, Cellreturn is introducing skin care device ‘LED Mask’, neck care device ‘Neckle RAY’, and 'Hair Alpha RAY’ which is a scalp and hair care device.