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  • GLOBAL MINOZ 10th Membership Special Event
  • Date 2019. 07. 05
  • Hit 11,728
Hello, this is Minoz.
Lee Min Ho's official fan club, 'Minoz,' which took its first step on June 29, 2009, has already reached its 10th anniversary.

Thank you to all the Minoz members who have been with us and a special event is ready for all Minoz members.
Please check below detailed event information.

[Registration Special Event]

■ Minoz Awards
01. BEST Familyship: 9 membership cards / 10th membership subscriber
02. BEST Friendship: 6 or more membership cards / 10th membership subscriber
03. BEST Relationship: 3 or more membership cards / 10th membership subscriber

▶ How to participate
- Participation target: 3 or more cards of 1st~9th Minoz membership / 6 or more / 9 holders
(Global Minoz 10th Membership Subscribers Only)
- Participation period: 8 p.m. on July 8, Monday, 2019 to 8 p.m. on July 26, Friday, 2019
- How to apply: Send e-mail(minoz@mym-ent.com)
- Mail form: ∙ Title: [Registration Special Event] Apply for the Minoz Awards event
∙ Body: 1) Applicant's name / date of birth / contact no.
2) Write the membership card number in text from your cards of 1st~9th Minoz membership
ex) 1st : 1000 0000 0622 / 2nd : 00510
∙ Attachments: authentication details

- Authentication details: Photos of membership cards in possession (to show membership number)
Scanned or photographed resident registration card (remove back number after birth date)
Capture 10th subscription details (can be found on My Page/My Ticket)
※ For those eligible for the winners of 'Minoz Awards', the 10th membership cards have a special certification sticker (or the certification mark will be printed.)
※ The winners of the 'Minoz Awards' can be verified membership kit later.
Please understand that it is difficult to respond to individual inquiries related to this matter.
※ Duplicate membership numbers due to transfer and theft of membership cards are automatically excluded from the target.

■ Lucky Minoz
▶ Lee Minho’s signature on Polaroid present to 1st, 1,000th, 2,000th, 3,000th (every 1,000th)∙∙∙ members

▶ Lee Minho’s signature on Polaroid present to special date members
   - Debut anniversary(510) / Fan Club founding(621) / Birthday(622)
※ The order of payment completion is not the same as the actual membership number on your card. 
※ The event winners will get the present with the membership kit.
 Please understand that it’s not possible to respond individual inquiries regarding the event.