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  • Notice of the GLOBAL MINOZ 10th Recruitment Special Event
  • Date 2019. 07. 15
  • Hit 5,242
Hello, this is Minoz manager.
Please note the following matters when applying Global Minoz 10th Recruitment Special Event.

1) Membership Card Photo 
※ Please take a photo both face and back side of the card with an identifiable membership number
2) Scanned or photographed ID Card 
※ Please hide the numbers after the date of birth on your resident or driver’s license card.
3) Capture file of 10th Membership registration
※ My Page > My Ticket
※ Please capture the page so as to identify your name, payment details, and registration number

We will send emails to those who have not fulfilled the confirmation conditions yet. 
Please check the notice and send an email with eligible attachments by July 26th(Fri.), 2019.
Mail Title: [Registration Special Event] Apply for the Minoz Awards event additional information

Please do understand that those who do not fulfill the qualification or
 do not apply the events before the application period will not be the subject of the event winner.

Thank you for your great interest in the Global Minoz 10th Recruitment Event.
We look forward to your active participation.
Thank you.