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  • GLOBAL MINOZ 10th Membership Additional Recruitment and Event
  • Date 2019. 08. 02
  • Hit 4,377
Hello, this is Minoz.
Thank you for your interest in recruiting Lee Min Ho's Global Official Fan Club 'Minoz' for the 10th membership.

At the request of many people, additional recruitment has been decided!
Please check below information.

[Global Minoz 10th Membership Additional Recruitment]
▣ Subscription period: 8 p.m. on August 5, 2019 to 8 p.m. on August 9, 2019
▣ Activity period: August 1, 2019 (Thursday) to July 31, 2020 (Friday)
※ The duration of the membership is the same as that of the primary recruiters.
▣ Subscription: Interpark (http://ticket.interpark.com)
▣ Subscription fee: 25,000 KRW (separate and differential shipping cost depending on countries)
▣ Subscription target: 
Domestic and overseas residents (excluding China and Japan),
Interpark(www.interpark.com) ID holder
Lee Min Ho’s official website(http://leeminho.kr) member
※ According to the fan club operation policy, those living in China and Japan are restricted from joining this fan club.
Please check the official fan club operated in your country.
CHINA Official Fanclub: http://minozchina.cn
JAPAN Official Fanclub: https://minho.jp
[How to enter membership]
1) Check personal information after logging in to Interpark(www.interpark.com)
→ Modify contact and address changes if they occurred.
※ If you are not a member of Interpark, sign up first.
2) Check detailed information for Fan Club membership subscription'
3) Check detailed information for Fan Club membership subscription
※ If you are a foreigner, click the 'Foreigner/外國人' button
4) Select delivery and confirm order information
5) Check the reservation details at [Confirm/Cancel] on the top right after payment.
   Click on reservation number > Enter/modify user information > Enter information for blank   
6) Enter user information (required information for adjusting the official website ‘full membership’ rating)
   Name / Birth Date(yymmdd) / Email Address   
※ Lee Min Ho's official website will be renewed on August 1. As all existing membership information will be deleted accordingly, even members who have already joined Minoz have to enroll again. 
7) Sign up for the official website of Lee Min Ho (http://leeminho.kr) and fill out the application form for full membership.

[Membership benefits]
▣ Lee Min Ho’s Global Official Fan Club 'Minoz' 10th Membership Card
▣ Lee Min Ho’s Global Official Fan Club 'Minoz' 10th Special Kit (once)
▣ Full membership rating for official website of Lee Min Ho and access to bulletin boards exclusively for fan club
▣ Benefits of priority to participate in Lee Min Ho’s official schedules and events in Korea (in consultation with the host)
▣  Pre-sale benefits during a domestic concert or fan meeting (when consulting with the host)
※ The fan club benefits apply only to the members of the fan club during the corresponding period of activity. They cannot be sold or transferred to others.

[Expanded special event period]
▣ Minoz Awards
- Contest period: 8 p.m. on August 5, 2019 to 8 p.m. on August 9, 2019

For more information on the event, please check the 'Special Event' notice.