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  • Date 2019. 08. 05
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Q. ‘Existing ID’ notification pops up when I register at the official website.  

A. Log-in history in your laptop or mobile may be the reason. Make sure to delete your log-in history in your laptop or cell phone, and try it again. 

   Laptop : Internet Explorer – Tools – Internet option – Clear searching history

   Mobile : 1) iOS > execute safari – Bookmarks – History – Clear ‘All time’

           2) Android > ‘See more’ on the bottom right – Setting – Privacy and security – Clear searching data


Q. Is it mandatory to enter my real name?

A. Yes, it is. For foreigners, please fill in your English name of passport. 

Make sure to enter the name without any space among first, middle, and last name. 


Q. I filled in the application form correctly, but ‘No matching information’ pops up.

A. Your membership will be upgraded automatically as long as the information on the official website matches with the ‘Interpark’ detail information. Please email us your real name, birthdate and T code on your registration of ‘Interpark’, then we will apply your grade as a regular member manually. It takes about 2 business days to be applied. 

Please make sure to fill in your detail information on ‘Interpark’, and contact us via E-mail.

Q. I signed up as my family member information. What information should I fill in the application form?

A. You need to fill in the form in accordance with the "User Information" of Interpark.


Q. I did not receive an e-mail confirming regular member. 

A. We are sending the e-mail in order of application. Please wait for a while.


Q. My country of residence is not included.

A. Please click 'Other' in the country information and proceed with the registration.