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Hello, this is Minoz Operations Manager.
We are pleased to inform you how to support for the drama filming on-site.

To facilitate support, please fill out the application form and e-mail it to us.

☞ Procedure
1. When: Starting: Oct. 28, 2019 till further notice
2. Application Mail to: minoz@mym-ent.com
3. How to apply: Fill out the application form and e-mail it to minoz@mym-ent.com
- Mail title: [Group Name] Apply for the Support
- Application form: Download and fill out the attached file.

☞ Precautions
1. The support will take place from early November.
2. Only the support from those who have applied through the official procedure (by filling out the designated application form attached below) will be taken place.
3. The field staff will collect the application forms, check the schedule and other preparations to arrange all the supports according to the filming schedule.
4. Please note that the support process is dependent on the site situation, so it may be difficult to proceed with the desired schedule.
5. Anyone who loves Lee Min Ho can participate, but please refrain from applying for a purpose unrelated to the original purpose of the support.
6. This is the support for drama shooting. Please understand that sudden changes may occur.

Thank you for all the love and interest you send to actor Lee Min Ho.
I wish you all the best and succeed the drama .

Thank you.